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I spent this New Year weekend in Yercaud. Had gone there with a bunch of friends and their friends. The place didn't quite live up to my expectations. It is quite commercialised and was less green than what I had imagined it to be (perhaps this is not the right season to go there).

The road to get there is pretty good until Dharmagiri. After passing Electronics City on Hosur Road the road widens up even more and becomes a glorious six lane way to the toll tax gate such that twelve vehicles can be taxed simultaneously, going or coming. After paying up one goes ahead and turns a blind eye to the road which narrows down back to two lanes on either side. But don't read me wrong... the road is still very good to enjoy your drive, and much better than the average National Highway.

A friend knew someone in Yercaud - Suhas Kunders - who had shifted from Bangalore ten years ago to get away from the city. He has a few plantations there and also takes you on treks around the place. His wife, Patsy, makes the best chocolates and plum cakes in the world. She runs a catering service called Kitchen On Call. Do not forget to try out stuff from her kitchen if you go to Yercaud.

Suhas arranged accomodation at the last minute for us at a place called the House Of Peace run by nuns. It is a very nice place - secluded and very quiet. The high points of our trip were the bonfire and a short trek that Suhas took us on the next morning.

Here are the pictures:

That's Suhas on the extreme left

At one of our halts

Hmmm... some bright flower

Suhas' place - we had very nice ginger ale and payasam there

The bonfire - it was quite a task getting it up but success was sweet!

The fire was really blazing - our Ancient Ritual ;-)

More on flickr.

Get in touch with Suhas at 04281-222741 or koc at eth dot net if you're planning a trip to Yercaud. And do NOT try packing in eight people in a Tavera!


Hehe... fortunately for me, I wasn't driving and we were in a big fat Tavera.
Big Fat Tavera ?

You must be trying very hard to crack a bad joke. That godforsaken car needs space. If anyone ever calls it a 8+1 seater, Im going to kill him.

Caution to all passengers: People (esp 8 in number) travelling in a tavera for over 8 hours run the risk of death by asphyxiation.
Well.. there were big fat people in the Tavera. But it's a bloody powerful car nonetheless. I think I'm developing phobias for the number 8 and the Tavera...

Where the hell do you get such arty user pics?
Tell me you read Terry Pratchett.

BTW, the unprintable louts called it a *9*+1 seater.
Tell me you read Terry Pratchett
I do read Terry Pratchet. But his humour seems repetitive if you read too many in a go.
9! Oh well... if I that +1 seat were mine, I'd wouldn't care how many + 1 it was called.
The 8 was a terry Pratchett reference, if you've read some of the wizard books. Particularly The Colour of Magic.
I didn't get that one. I've read Colour Of Magic, but a long time ago. Haven't read any in years - perhaps now the humour won't seem repetitive. Any suggestions among his newer books?
Some find it repetitive, and some ( == me) adore it. Have you read that one of his with Neil Gaiman? Rather nice? Also, Jingo, The Truth, Theif of Time are all good (in my biased opinion).

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