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saturday morning

I've spent the entire morning trying to figure why my DVD writer will burn a CD-RW but bail out (and exactly at the same point each time) while burning plain CDs or DVDs. I've tried the common combinations of burning software and operating systems.
Any tips or pointers will be much appreciated.

And by the way, what is wrong with the weather! It's been this dull and gloomy for the past three days and no sign of rain. Why can't it just rain and make way for the sun. I think I'll go crazy listening to the wind howling around my apartment. It's impossible to open the windows even a crack. I should install one of them windmills and I'm sure I'll be able to generate enough power at least to recharge my laptop, phone etc.

Made an impromptu trip to National Market on Wednesday and found that the era of non-Bollywood and non-Hollywood films has come to an end. I was curtly told that there is no supply and none expected either. So I have to look for another way to get hold of what I want to watch. And no, I'm not stepping into that Cinema Paradiso (which can't even boast of a decent collection) or that Habitat place.

There's a Rooftop Film Festival a fortnight from now in Bangalore. I'm guessing it's a bunch of enthusiasts camping out on a roof watching movies all night. Sounds like something. But honestly, I'm a sucker for indoor comforts while watching movies.

Run along now.


btw, the complex adjacent to national market (in between national market and 'sukh sagar' or whatever) has a video rentals shop where you DO get non-.*ollywood films. I just got a bunch of them last week:

- Pather Panchali
- Aparajito
- Apur Sansar
- Il Bidone
- 2046 (Wong Kar Wai)
- Wife to be Sacrificed

There are a whole lot of films there (even makhmalbaf and stuff).

so... :)
sorry, I didn't mean "rental shop". I meant "pirated video buying" shop :D
Aah... maybe I should not give up on the long arms of these unlawfuls!

May 2008

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